Hindi Baarahkhadi (हिन्दी बारहखङी)

Twelve Hindi vowels give different sounds when we add a consonant. Twelve can be translated as “Baarah” in Hindi. Hence, what you are going to learn now is “ Baarahkhadi”.

Before we start, we need to learn how we pronounce or sound the Hindi words with English vowels and English Consonants.

English has 5 vowels: a, e, i, o, u.

Let us take an example of “K” with 5 vowels in English it overcome 5 different sounds.

1)    K + a = Ka as in ameriKA

2)    K + e = Ke as in KEttle.

3)    K + I = Ki as in Kim.

4)    K + o = Ko as in Kola.

5)    K + u = Ku as in Kumar.

Similarly, Hindi also has no difference if we add 12 vowels in all consonants.

Baarahkhadi Words

Let us take an example of Hindi alphabet “ग(ga)”.

 When “ग(ga)” combines with the first hindi vowel “अ(a)”, the sound remains as it is

 ग(ga) + अ(a) = ग(ga) as in Gun.

 When “ग(ga)” combines with the second hindi vowel “आ(aa)”, it takes as sound of “आ(aa)” at the end.

 ग(ga) + आ(aa) = गा (gaa) as in Gandhi

 When “ग(ga)” combines with the third hindi vowel ”इ(i)”, it takes as sound of “इ (ii)” at the end.

 ग(ga) + इ (ii) = गि as in Gift.

 ग(ga) + ई(ee) = गी as in GEEk

ग(ga) + उ(u) = गु as in GOOgle

ग(ga) + ऊ(uu) = गू as in GOOd

ग(ga) + ऋ(ri) = गृ as in Green

ग(ga) +  ए(e) = गे as in Game

ग(ga) + ऐ(ai) = गै as in Gain

ग(ga) + ओ(o) = गो as in GO

ग(ga) + औ (ao)= गौ as in GAUtam

ग(ga) + अं(an) = गं as in GUn

ग(ga) + अः(ah) = गः no words

As same like above u can use for all Hindi alphabets

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