Imperative Sentence (आदेश सूचक वाक्य)

Definition: The sentence in which there is a request advice or order is called Imperative Sentence.

(वह वाक्य जिसमे निवेदन, आदेश याउपदेशका बोध होता हो उसे आदेशवाचक वाक्य कहतेहै।)


Walk in a Queue. (लाइनमेचलो)

Call the doctor immediately. ( डाक्टर को तुरंत संपर्क करो।)

Switch on the geyser. (गीजर चालू कर दो।)

Pay your telephone bill on time. (समय पर अपने टेलीफोन बिलका भुगतान करो।)

Follow the time table. (समय सारणीका पालनकरें)

These all sentences are called affirmative imperative sentence.

Imperative Affirmative:







The rules of the game.

The norms of the place.

Your elders

Your seniors.

Your teachers.

Your parents.

The democratic value.

The judiciary.

The norm of your company.

The terms and conditions of the policy

Imperative Negative:









Litter the place.


Annoy others.

Speak in high tone

Go into water

Drive fast.

Untidy the cafe.

Spoil the painting

Sit here.

Smoke here.


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