Official Letter Writing in Hindi (हिन्दी मे आधिकारिक पत्र लेखन)

Hindi beginners are required to write some official letter or non-official letter in Hindi. mainly Hindi letter writing is required in the government sector, especially it happens those who stay in some of the states where the main language for official communication is Hindi, that time Hindi letter writing is very useful.

To write a letter in Hindi is not very difficult, it's very similar to English. The main difference is only the Hindi formal or official vocabulary.

Let us take one example of official letter in Hindi. Write a letter to the postmaster to notify him of the Postman's negligence. 

Any formal letter starts with the sender address.

Right-hand side your name and address

XYZ, (Your name)
D-29 करोलबाग, (House number and street/ locality name)
नई दिल्ली। (name of the state)
दिनांक: 12.9.2015 (date)

After writing your address, leave two two line breaks and then after that detail of the concerned official with the name of the department and location on the left side.

सेवा में, (To)
पोस्ट मास्टर, (Official title to which the letter is addressed)
करोलबाग डाकघर, (Name of the department)
नई दिल्ली (Name of the state)

After this again leave two line breaks. Then place the subject of the letter.

विषय (Subject): डाकिया की लापरवाही (carelessness of the postman).

Again leave two line breaks and address the receiver.
महोदय (Sir) or महोदया (Madam)

Place two line breaks and write the main content of the letter.

सविनय निवेदन यह है कि हमारे क्षेत्र के डाकिया के बारे मे अवगत कराना चाहता हूँ वह पत्र, पार्सल, मनीआर्डर समय पर नही पहुचाता है। मनीआर्डर के पैसे बहुत दिनो तक अपने पास रखता है और कभी - कभी इस पैसे को खुद उपयोग कर लेता है। बिना किसी को बताए दरवाजे पर पत्र फेकना, पत्र किसी बच्चे को पकङा कर निकल जाना। लोग उस डाकिया के लापरवाही से बहुत परेशान हो चुके है। वह अलग - अलग लोग से मनीआर्डर और पार्सल पहुँचाने के बदले कमीशन माँगता है।

(My humble request is, I want to aware you about the Postman in our area. He never delivers the letter or parcel on time. He keeps money order for so many days, or sometimes he uses that money for his personal expense. without informing anyone he drops the letter outside the door, he gives the letter to any small kid. People are facing lots of problems because of his carelessness. He takes commission from other people for delivering the parcel or money order.)

ये संबंधित बाते हमलोग की परेशानी बनी हुई है। पत्र देर मिलने के कारण बहुत परेशानी का सामना करना पङ रहा है। आपसे अनुरोध है कि हमारी समास्या का समाधान निकाले । डाकिए को उसका काम ईमानदारी से करे ताकि आम लोगो को परेशानी का सामना न करना पङे।

(This related issue remains the problem of us, because of late delivery, we are facing a lot of problems. I request you to please resolve this problem as early as possible. If the Postman does his work honestly then people will not face any problem).

हम आशा करते है कि हमारी परेशानी का अवश्य हल निकालेंगे।
(We hope that definitely, you will find a solution for our trouble.)

धन्यवाद (Thank You)
आपका विश्वासी, (Your faithfully)
XYZ (Your name)
your address.

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